Company History

1982  –  Mr Jeremy Llewellyn founded the company with the building and the opening of a 21 bed residential home known as Springbank Residential Home.

1987  –  Springbank Nursing home was converted and transformed into a 68 bed nursing home.

1993  –  The new ‘Community Care Act 1993’ prompted the opening of Springbank Community Services based in Springbank Nursing Home. The company quickly grew and as Springbank Nursing Home was not big enough to meet that growing demand…

1995  –  All Care (South Wales) was established at 228 Holton Road, Barry, providing domiciliary care to Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

2002  –  All Care opened an office in Cardiff and registered the branch All Care (Cardiff).

All Care (South Wales) became a Limited company following 10 years of providing independent private care in the Vale of Glamorgan. In line with these modifications the following changes were made to the Company structure:

  • Sole Proprietor/Manager Mr J C Llewellyn became Company Director;
  • Miss K A Llewellyn became Company Secretary and Company Director.

2010  –  All Care (Cardiff) merged with All Care (South Wales) to become known as All Care (South Wales) Ltd, still based at 228 Holton Road but serving the whole of South Wales from this address.

2013   – All Care (South Wales) Ltd celebrated its 20th anniversary by throwing a party attended by staff, dignitaries, care colleagues and service users to celebrate 20 years of serving the community.