Frequently Asked Questions

What type of care do you provide?

  • At All Care we provide a range of care services from care of the elderly and the disabled to learning difficulties in adults and children. We provide specialist services for people with dementia, mental health problems, physical disabilities, learning difficulties, people with sensory loss (including those with dual sensory loss), intermediate or respite care. Whether you want assistance with your personal care, laundry, shopping or even just with social activities, we are there to help!

How do I know when I will receive a care visit?

  • Every week we will send you a rota with the date, time and the care worker who will be coming to visit you. If you have any queries about how your rota works, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who do I contact if I have any queries about my care?

  • If you have any problems or queries about your care please contact your care supervisor. If you are unsure of who your care supervisor is please contact the office on 01446 735656.

Will I have the same carer workers each week?

  • We aim to provide you with the same care workers that you will normally have each week, although there are some instances where this may not be possible. In such circumstances we will always contact you to inform you of who you can expect to assist you.
  • We understand there may be a reason why you may request a change of care worker, such as clash of personality or minor performance issues. In accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy we cannot accept a request for a change of care worker for any discriminatory reasons. However, there are some methods that we would deem inappropriate and would respect your decision. If you would like to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your care please contact your supervisor.

Can I rearrange my care I have other engagements?

  • If you have any engagements which clashes with your care, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can either cancel or arrange for an alternative time for your visit. Please be aware that if you do not inform us of any changes or cancellations you wish to make within 48 hours of the expected visit, you will still be charged.